Vanzelu Beautiful Women Autumn Landscape Diy Painting By Numbers Kits Coloring By Numbers Modern Wall Art Picture Gift40x50cm gift Frame

Vanzelu Beautiful Women Autumn Landscape Diy Painting By Numbers Kits Coloring By Numbers Modern Wall Art Picture Gift40x50cm gift Frame
Detailed description:☺Please use the paint directly and do not add water.☺ Fill the colors with the match numbers on the canvas and if you fill in wrong color. just waiting it dry and use the correct color to cover it.☺ Please cleaning the brush when you want to another color.☺ You can draw it by yourself or with your friends. or have fun with your family and enjoying the time with them.☺ Due to large number of colors in the painting process. we recommend that you first complete one color. reloading the second color. gradually drawing.☺ Pigments maybe dry easily. so please open one color at a time. but if there is a bit dry. you can drop 1 to 2 drops of water into it and stir. will not affect the normal use.☺The paints we offer is enough for the normal use. please do not waste it in case of the paint shortage.☺For the white paint and other light color paint part. the figures left on the canvas may be seen. you can double use the paint and try to cover with the thick paint.☺When you receive the item. we recommend that you fully expand the canvas. Then place it on a flat surface. then put some books back into the canvas for about a day. then fold and fold. You can also use the iron to clean wrinkles. remember that higher temperatures are better than 80°C / 176°F.☺Product size: 16x20 (40x50cm)(*The product does not contain a frame.)☺You will get: Canvas. Pigments. paint brush. Reference drawingTips:☺It is recommended that children under the age of 3 be used under the supervision of an adult.☺We Guarantee Your Satisfaction. Should you have any questions. feel free to contact us. Thank you
☀Best gift: This is a beautiful and elegant gift for your friends. family and classmates. Especially on Christmas.Mother's Day, Thanksgiving. New Year or birthday. If they paint together. it can also help people improve the relationship between parents and children. friends and husband and wife.Can give lovers. relatives. friends. classmates. children. give them a unique gift.
☀Art Therapy: Perfect relaxation. reducing your stress during your free time and enjoying creating amazing artwork. Digital paintings are casual. decorative. gift and learning. When you are free. you can create oil paintings with your favorite friends and friends and get close to each other.
☀Home Decor: Can be used as a charming home decoration to beautify your living space and lifestyle. No matter how good or bad the picture is. you don't need any basic painting skills. His paintings can save you money and are ideal for families. children's rooms and other places.
☀Puzzle Education: Keep your patience and improve your wisdom and interest in painting. It is a good choice for education. It can help children improve their intelligence and interest in painting. Hand-designed manuscripts by designers who specialize in oil painting. fine analysis and restoration of painting.
☀Safe and reliable: This pigment is acrylic paint. environmentally friendly and non-toxic. but not edible. Highly elastic brush.professionally designed DIY canvas. The DIY framework is meant to include a wood frame kit. Once completed and dry. you can assemble the DIY frame and assemble the canvas on it to hold the picture in place.No frame means there is no wood frame. If you need to hang your work. you must purchase the wooden frame separately. Minimum size: 16x20 inches(40x50cm).


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