DCG fba-ra-72t2-ds9r 120W Shoe Shine Machine

DCG fba-ra-72t2-ds9r 120W Shoe Shine Machine
The electric clean footwear are increasingly used both in the home and in public places. Due to its function. can take the shoes clean and polished as if the puliera to hand. This cleaning of footwear DCG combines the action of three brushes for an amazing result in a very small and compact format. The first brush has the function of prepulido while the other two act as function of polished. all combined with the use of the content for the high quality rechargeable dispension of bitumen. It is suitable for all type of skin not to ruin their shoes. Easy and quick to be always impeccable. Features: * Limia shoes with dispenser of bitumen Electric * Brand: DCG * Suitable for all type of leather * For cleaning and polishing * 2 polishing brushes * 1 brush prepulido * Engine outboard * On/Off * DISPENSER of bitumen bitumen (not included) * Dimensions: 45 x 26 x 28 cm * Power: 230 V - 50 Hz * Power: 120 W


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